Collection: Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS)

Our available Acousto-Magnetic (AM) 58kHz Tower Systems are designed for cost-effective installations that are ideal for stores with little space around the entrance doors. All configuration is done via our PC application which can also be used for distant tuning over the internet by our Technical Support Department. The system is based on the principle of a controller unit being separated from the antennas. Users can change the system configuration even during the installation itself. The controller unit can power altogether up to six antennas at a time. We can offer EAS tower solutions for door widths up to 13 feet. All Systems Include: Built in jammer detection to prevent theft by professionals Separate controller unit E-Comm module for network and remote tuning over any internet connection Multi-purpose use with Mono, Duals or combinations on just one controller unit Advanced digital signal processing (DSP) Self-adjusting electronics Compatible with most pre-tagged stock Hardware items Additional Available Features: Customized Advertising Panels Built-in People Counter Built-in Metal Spy (booster bag detection) Built-in Magnet Spy (detacher and magnet detection) With our included E-Comm module, our techs can assist any customer with system tuning and questions remotely. We can also offer custom installation and set up by request.
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